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My passion is to help teens and young adults gain confidence and self-love through portrait art and beautiful products they can see everyday that express their authentic personalities.  This helps to build their self-esteem, and create a confident foundation to accept their unique gifts and learn to share them with the world.


I believe it’s ok to dream big! Bigger than life; bigger than yourself.  To have those "dreamer's dreams" that you only read about in books or see in movies.  I believe every soul deserves a chance to be loved, deserves a chance to be have their story told; beautifully.  The story of who you are now and who you dream to be.  The hopes and dreams you have for the future, no matter what your age.  My dream is to tell your story... to show you that you are worth it, that you are beautiful, that you are amazing.  I want to photograph every person who has ever felt not good enough and show you that you are.  My dream is to capture the most beautiful version of you!

My name is Carrie Stadelman, and growing up I was the little girl who had a raspy voice who everyone thought was sick(all of the time).  The girl who talked too fast and too loud, who had buck teeth because I secretly sucked my thumb until I was 12, and had a laugh that could be heard for miles. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, pet lover, portrait photographer, and karaoke queen(ok ok, I secretly want to be Carrie Underwood!).  I was the girl who dreamed one day of being more, helping more, doing more.  I am still that girl(well minus the buck teeth and thumb sucking).  I talk about a mile a minute(sometimes faster when I get super excited) and drink way too much coffee.  I have about 200% energy all of the time.(well most of the time-I have my off days too!).  I have a love/hate relationship with chocolate(I hate that I LOVE it so much).  And I could not make it through a Michigan winter without my hot coco and marshmallows.  I love a good cry; I think it helps cleanse the soul and clear the mind.  I can always find a song to match my mood, inspire me or drive me.  And you can frequently see me singing very loudly in my car! When I write, I use way too many !!! and too many :):):):):)(insert Elaine from that Seinfeld episode here)  I am originally from " Up North" but have found my place here in Jackson, Michigan.

I have started a campaign that my Senior and Teen clients are helping with. To see more about my project Be the voice, click here.


I am a certified professional photographer since 2010 and received my Master of Photography Degree from PPA in 2016. I received a bachelor's degree from Albion College, and then went to study at the prestigious Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California.  I am current President of Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association and member of Professional Photographers of Michigan and Professional Photographers of America.  If you want to learn more about the difference of hiring a professional photographer for your portraits, go here to read more.